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Breaking Bad Breaks Records

Last night’s heart wrenching, anxiety producing, absolutely insane Breaking Bad episode, “Ozymandias,” drew in a record-breaking amount of viewers for the drama series. As things come to a head for the White family and the narrative  gets closer to the end, people definitely do not want to wait to see what happens next. An audience of 6.4 million people tuned into watch the third to last episode of the praised drama, with 4.1 million viewers in the 18-49 demographic.

With all the talk about event television and event series dominating much of the network television discussion, it is great to see a once-overlooked show enjoy this kind of attention and success. Hopefully this will influence television execs to just focus on the material; we can see that if there is engaging and interesting television available, people will eventually make their way towards it. The show has surely benefited from online streaming services like Netflix, which allow for people not previously familiar with the series to catch up in time for the final season airing. Whatever gets people to experience the greatness of Heisenberg is fine by all of us; AMC is certainly pleased by the show’s commercial success as well as its critical praise. 


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