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Breck Eisner to Escape from New York

Breck Eisner has had quite the last five years, having gone from directing one of the all-time Hollywood flops in the failed franchise starter Sahara, to surprising everyone by tossing out a rarity: a critically escfrmnyssrespected horror remake of The Crazies back in February. Execs from New Line are banking on the success of the latter, since now Eisner has been attached to remake John Carpenter’s cult classic Escape from New York.

This project has been drifting in and out of hype for years now with numerous other directors attached. Underworld's Len Wiseman, Rush Hour's Brett Ratner, and Surrogate's Jonathon Mostow were among the names previously brought up.

Gerard Butler was long attached to star as likable anti-hero Snake Plissken, but has since left. Carpenter will remain involved as executive producer and has hinted the film maybe a prequel or some such variation.

"Snake is one of my fondest creations,” Carpenter said. “Kurt Russell did an incredible job, and it would be fun to see someone else try."

With Eisner secured, rumors should continue to abound. However, even with Carpenter’s involvement, fans should be wary; the icon has a bad track record with involvement in follow-ups of his hits. Carpenter helped deliver a number of lame remakes such as The Fog and Assault on Precinct 13, in addition to an endless parade of Halloween sequels and reboots.

While Eisner’s track record may be decidedly split, going on the flair of The Crazies alone, this reboot could be one of the few that work, even if it remains equally unnecessary.


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