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Brett Ratner acquires rights to “The Unknowns”

It’s another day and Brett Ratner has acquired another project, having already attached himself to direct Beverly Hills IV and a untitled heist movie with Ben Stiller. This time his production company, Rat Entertainment, has brought the rights to the comic book series The Unknowns.

The Femme Fatales Comics’ The Unknowns is a fairly new comic book series having been included at Comic Con last year. It was created by Mark A. Altman (producer of Castle and DOA: Dead or Alive and writer of House of the Dead), Steve Kriozere (also a producer of Castle) and the model/actress Monica Olsen whom the main character Alexis is modelled on.

The plot of The Unknowns is that Alexis Davenport leads a unassuming suburban life, but it turns out she was the leader of a group of assassins and had her memory erased. Alexis must discover why she did it to herself. But Alexis' most dangerous enemy is herself as she battles in a world of intelligence. If this plot sounds familiar it’s because it is similar to The Bourne Series, the third series of Alias, The Long Kiss Goodnight and Total Recall.

Ratner burned his bridges with comic book fans after his direction of X-Men: The Last Stand was met with what at best is described as a mixed reception and then ranted about comic book fans in an interview with starpulse.com. But Ratner is only sitting in the producer’s chair, where his previous efforts include 21 and Prison Break and the upcoming Strause Brothers film Skyline.

It is rumored that Olsen wants the lead role; fair enough considering it's actually her. No director is attached at the moment.


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