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Bring Them To The Big Screen – Ms. Marvel

With the success of recent movies like Ironman, the X-men Franchise, and Spiderman, movie studios have now started to get their hands into as many properties as possible to make the big bucks. The list of characters that are now coming up to the big screen is a big example of Hollywood trying to capitalize in this genre, next year we will get a Thor and Green Lantern movie and the year after that The Avengers and Captain America will make their debut. But what other characters would be great on the big screen.

Personally I do not see a lot of female super heroes being given there own movie. That's why Ms. Marvel should be the next comic book character to get their own Movie. Ms. Marvel is perfect; she's tough, smart, and beautiful. What better combination can you get from a super heroine? Ms. Marvel is a character from Marvel comics. She was created by Roy Thomas and the design was done by Gene Colan. Her first appearance was as her ego Carol Danvers, a US Airforce member. It wasn't until 1977 when she was later named Ms. Marvel after being fused with the alien race, the Kree's, genes. During the years she has been called other names like Binary and Warbird giving her a rich history to source from. She has been a member of the Avengers, the leader of the Avengers and is on the current roster of the team as well.

Ms. Marvel is perfect for the big screen for a couple of reasons: First she has an alter ego in Carol Danvers and a profession that shows that she is a tough career woman. Second her origin, she became Ms. Marvel when she got caught in an explosion with a Kree device. After the explosion, she gains superhuman abilities such as: Super strength, agility, energy projection and near invulnerability. She is almost like Superman in this sense of their powers being similar. Third, the space element, since she's infused with Kree genes this gives her a tie to their world. Also this would introduce the Marvel Universe's cosmic line to the big screen in a way that Fantastic Four 2 failed to do. Imagine Kree ships in the sky above New York fighting Skrull's. That would be amazing to see on the big screen.

All these things make Ms. Marvel a pretty solid choice for her own movie. I don't know about you. But I am getting tired of seeing all the boys having their fun at kicking butt, saving the girl and the day. I think its time that the gal's should get their turn to do the same.





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