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Brink: Agents of Change Due Out This Week

Brink was aimed at making a splash in the highly crowded, competitive FPS market and while it hasnt quite gotten the reception that developer Splash Damage were hoping for, fans of the game are set to get their hands on its first map pack later this week.

The DLC in question is quite large and will add a ton of new content to the game. It includes two new maps, five new abilities, two new weapon attatchments and two outfits. The new maps in question are Founder's Tower and Labs. Founders Tower takes the dynamic gameplay of Brink to higher alititudes than ever before as players will be able to fight over control of the gargantuan tower at the center of the Ark. In comparison, Labs will allow players to explore (and fight over) the Ark's original research and development laboratories.

While new maps are always a good thing, Brink players will probably get more out of the two new weapon attatchments and five new player abilities in this DLC. The abilities that players will get access to include Napalm Grenades and UAV's while the new weapon attatchments in question are Bayonetts and Combat Shields.  Brink: Agents of Change is set to come out on August 3rd and will cost players nothing.


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