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Britney Spears in Fame

Fame, a companion series to Bluewater Productions "Female Force" and "Political Power", portrays the memorable moments in the lives of popular stars. The series has previously featured Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and the hit TV-show "Glee." Now Bluewater will be coming out with another issue of Fame entitled "Fame: Britney Spears." Yes, the pop-idol Britney Spears will be in her own comic with some of her greatest and worst moments revealed in 32 pages worth of panels.

This one-shot comic will be based on Britney's rise to stardom in the 90s' followed by the numerous mishaps in her life and her return to her pop-goddess stature among fans. The issue will be going far back to Britney's Mickey Mouse Club days. It will be written by McCray and the art will be handled by Ricardo Jaime.

Hopefully this comic will take a deeper look into the star than many reporters in the past have done, fulfilling the promises of writers to show a more serious side to Britney. Britney has done many things in the past that numerous people disagree with (like taking her anger out on a paparazzo's car with a lethal umbrella) but hopefully this comic will capitalize on not just the poor moments but the moments when Britney was described as Disney's pop princess – though I was hoping the comic industry would come out with a companion piece comic to Britney Spears' Break the Ice music video since it was jam-packed with super spy action. For now a life story will (hopefully) be interesting enough for hard-core fans of the pop star to enjoy. I can not say I am a huge fan, but undoubtedly Britney has made a huge impact in the music world and a comic capitalizing on her life is far from a surprise since she has already been in the comic book world in numerous titles such as "MAD" and "Disney Adventures." The comic will be out in time for Britney's new CD in March 2011.

Fame: Spears Cover
Though I have to say, when Britney began becoming more of an adult it reminds me of another newer descendant of Disney... maybe Miley Cyrus will be the next star in Fame...?


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