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Bruce Wayne Road Home Batman and Robin – Review

Bruce Wayne the Road Home kicks off with the dynamic duo, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, retrieving a special item that could lead to the identities of different members of the Bat family! Vicki Vale is close to revealing all of Bruce Wayne’s darkest secrets to the entire world! If this news wasn’t enough excitement, Bruce Wayne has returned from the time traveling adventures of Return of Bruce Wayne and is back in modern times. The story arc of "Road Home" begins in Batman #703. Bruce Wayne Road Home: Batman and Robin’s credits consist of writing by Fabian Nicieza and artwork by Cliff Richards.

The road home has finally begun! From the events of the Return of Bruce Wayne (which is only one issue away from being complete) to this, bat related stories that revolve around Return Of Bruce Wayne have made his long awaited return more exciting. To think back, that originally Tim Drake was the only one who believed that Bruce was alive and lost in time. However now, he and other members of the Bruce Wayne’s family are entered in a series of tests. Vicki Vale has been turned into an interesting character. When Vicki created the bat-wall in Battle for the cowl interlude issue: Batman alive, I instantly hated Vicki Vale. Every time Vicki Vale appears in an issue, she gets closer and closer to getting evidence to reveal the identities of Bruce’s family. This is one of the main story elements that Road Home is all about.

Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne are the first to take the test that Bruce Wayne has created. The test is simple, if they can prove themselves and come to the standards of Bruce Wayne’s expectations then they will be fit to help him in his continuation of being Batman. Already, Dick and Damian have proved themselves to exceed their mentor’s hopes. Bruce Wayne (currently operating under the guise of the Insider) is writing in a new book called, the White Case Book. As most Batman fans know, Bruce Wayne originally wrote in a book called, the Black Case Book. This book contained all of the mysterious and unexplained mysteries in Batman’s war against crime. This new book contains his thoughts about different friends and family members that are qualified for helping him in his eventual career as Batman.

Fabian Nicieza (Cable & Deadpool, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus) is a terrific writer. He and artist Cliff Richards worked together on Batman #703, and did a good job at capturing the brotherly/work relationship between Dick and Damian. Fabian Nicieza writing for this issue really tries to focus on partnership and trusting in one another, and that is really great.

Cliff Richards (New Avengers (AAFES) 5: The Spirit of America, X-Men Unlimited) artwork has improved from Batman #703. In that comic his Damian Wayne was poorly drawn. It literally looked like Cassandra Cain (Batgirl), I was glad that his artwork greatly improved in that area.

Overall Bruce Wayne Road Home should be a must have comic series by all Batman fans. Bruce is back, Vicki is closer to getting evidence, and the Road Home is a long road to be paved.


Writing: 7.8

Artwork: 5.8

Overall: 6.8



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