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Bruce Wayne: Road Home Red Robin – Review

Fresh from the events of time and Grant Morrison’s epic story of Return of Bruce Wayne, comes the events of Road Home! Through Bruce’s dangerous jump through time he has finally made his way back to the city that he has called home, Gotham. Operating under the guise of the Insider, Bruce Wayne is taking notes on different members of his family (mainly his partners and friends) and finding out who is best to help him on his war against crime. Tim Drake (Red Robin) takes center stage in this one-shot issue. As the one person that believed that Bruce was lost in time and not dead, his faith becomes proven. However, since Bruce Wayne is back how will this effect Tim Drake’s current role as Red Robin? Written by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Ramon Bachs, and inking by John Lucas.

This second one-shot issue takes place right after the events of Batman and Robin’s issue. Tim Drake is trying to protect Gotham’s mayor by taking down the Council of Spiders. Wolf, Funnel, and Goliath are united once again by their leader, Silk, whom wants to kill the mayor after a previouly failed attempt. As Bruce is back and is using Tim as bait, he joins the council to get inside secrets about them wanting to kill Red Robin! Vicki Vale wants the truth, so she visits Alfred Pennyworth in Wayne Manor. Alfred pulls a quick switch (he takes back the bat-tracer, and replaces it with a toy), Vicki Vale leaves furious with even more answers to her questions. When I read this comic it felt more like a Red Robin issue, than a Red Robin one-shot. Fabian Nicieza working on Red Robin makes this issue even better. As Bruce Wayne, continues to observe his fellow colleges, he finds out which ones can help him best on his war against crime as Batman (which will begin next month in November).

Tim Drake gets to prove himself to Bruce, by showing his combat and detective skills. Bruce talks about in his white casebook about how, Tim has turned Red Robin in to a good thing from the shame that the mantle had when Jason Todd was using it. As the master detective, Tim Drake, proves himself and exceeds Bruce’s expectations. Tim is prepared to help Bruce in the future. Things are looking bright for Tim Drake’s eventual adventures. The artwork is awesome. Ramon Bach’s pencils make for a great addition to this one-shot issue. With Fabian and Ramon working together this is almost (or even better) than the ongoing series Red Robin!

Fabian Nicieza (Red Robin) is making Tim Drake one of the most interesting characters in the Batman era. I've been following Tim's epic transformation since the beginning, and his character stays the same no matter what writer is portraying him. The "Hit List" story line, was kind of the wall of webs that could be eventual enemies. Vicki Vale currently has one of those, however, it's giving the identities of Bat-family members. Fabian has done an terrific job with this series, Bruce, Vicki and everyone else have been portrayed the way readers want them to be. By giving them a story that no one will ever forget!

Ramon Bach (Azrael) is one of my favorite Red Robin artist. To me, not everyone can pull off drawing Red Robin and his story lines, but I think Ramon did an excellent job with the help of inker, John Lucas (no relation to George Lucas, I think). Red Robin's artwork has to be as strong and decent as the writing. Ramon's work would be something I would like to see in the main series of Red Robin

So overall Bruce Wayne Road Home should be picked up by anyone who’s been following the recent adventures of Bruce Wayne. If you’re new to the Road Home story arc, picking up all issues is a major key at knowing what is going on. When I was reading Bruce Wayne Road Home Batgirl, I had no idea that Bruce was operating under the guise, Insider. Even when he took his mask off, I was still a little confused. When I eventually read the first issue, Batman and Robin, the pieces fit together. So little things like that can happen if you don’t pay attention. The next issue after this is Bruce Wayne Road Home: Outsiders. Check out the review written by our own Nicole D’Andria: Bruce Wayne Road Home Outsiders Review.

Story 6.5

Artwork: 6.8

Overall: 7.7



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