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Bryan Cranston May Play Villain in “Total Recall”

When he is not tearing up the screen in AMC’s Breaking Bad (watch the show if you’re not already), Bryan Cranston is turning his considerable abilities to the big screen, staring alongside Matthey McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer and scheduled to appear alongside Tom Hanks in the upcoming Larry Crowne. Now, The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog is reporting that Cranston will appear opposite Colin Farrell in Len Wiseman’s remake of Total Recall, as one of the film’s primary villains, Vilos Cohaagen.

The 1990 movie based on Phillip K. Dick's "We Can Remmeber it For You Wholesale" is considered a cult classic, focusing on construction worker Doug Quaid on Earth (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who suffers recurring dreams of life on Mars. In an attempt to address his dreams he approaches a company that specializes in false memories and buys a “fake” vacation to Mars. He soon discovers he is a secret agent whose memory was erased, and sets out for Mars in an attempt to regain his identity and find those responsible for erasing it.

The outline of the reboot sounds more like a different take on the Dick story in that Doug Quaid believes himself to be a secret agent in a world split by two nations—Heat Vision calling them Euromerica and New Shanghai. The big issue is that he cannot remember who he is an agent for. Cranston will play the leader of Euromerica, who secretly plots a massive invasion against New Shanghai, Quaid’s apparent home.

Cranston pretty much kicks all kinds of ass, metaphorically speaking at least. Can that same element be brought to this remake?


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