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Buccellato Extends Flash Farewell

It seems that the wild ride that has been the creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato is not over quite just yet. While the two are still preparing their new project, still set for March 2014, they will be giving The Flash one last hurrah before saying goodbye for good. Brian Buccellato will return to the series after Christos Gage’s November issue for 3 more issues, writing issues #26-29 solo. In these issues he wishes to “add a few final pieces to The Flash mythology” and also to bring forward the long awaited and highly anticipated “history of the Gem Cities” - a storyline plotted by the two since the beginning of their run. Manapul will however still be absent due to being busy with their future collaboration, and no artist has been set yet for Buccellato's extended stay.

This is not Buccellato’s first solo endeavor with the series and is currently helming the Forever Evil tie-in miniseries Rogues Rebellion. Anxious fans can easily be assured that Buccellato can provide a graceful bow out for both himself and for Manapul. We will keep you updated as more information comes in, but you have any thoughts or comments, please post below.


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