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Bulletstorm Being Targeted By The Anti-Video Game Crowd

I’ll put the link to the full story at the bottom. Seriously, isn’t it about time all these anti-videogame people came up with some new lines? Not only are they about 15 years late to the point every single time, they just repeat the same, ignorant argument over and over again.

Also, there tends to be very extraneous remarks made in these types of attacks against games that feature violence or gore. For example, in the article below, the writer seemingly assumes that 9 year olds are going to know what a “gang bang” is. Isn’t that stretching things a little too far, not to mention the fact that 9 year olds should be nowhere near a game like Bulletstorm. It’s the job of the parent to control what games their children play, not the government and certainly not the developer.

Taking aside the blatant lies that pop up in publications such as this one, they’re simply beating a horse that has been dead for a very long time. They still entertain the notion that violence is what makes games sell and every game needs that to be successful. That point can be so easily disproved it’s not even worth printing it. Articles like these are getting to the point of just being downright offensive to anyone that plays videogames or has a mind of their own.

The full article can be found here.


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