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Bulletstorm DLC Already Announced

It's noon the day the game came out, and EA has just sent out a press release detailing the first Bulletstorm DLC pack.  Most players still probably haven't had time to pick up their pre-orders for this, and will return home from Gamestop to discover that they're already expected to shovel out a few bucks for some bonus levels.  This is pretty much the same thing that happened with Dead Space 2 on launch day last month, and it marks a very annoying trend for the industry.

Still, if you're interested, the "Gun Sonata Pack" will feature three new maps for the Anarchy game mode (Which none of us have even had the chance to try yet).  There will also be two new maps for the Echo Mode (Which we might get around to trying once we have a chance to take the game out of the shrink-wrap).  A couple of enhancements for the Leash weapon will round out the pack.

The exact release date hasn't been set yet, but you can bet that the price has.  You'll have to cough up ten dollars or your console equivalent in points to buy the Gun Sonata Pack when it becomes available.  Keep a close eye on Player Affinity for our reviews of Bulletstorm on the various platforms.


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