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Bulletstorm Preview

Tired of Call of Duty? Tired of brown shootouts grounded in reality? If so, there's a game you might be interested in during the coming month. Bulletstorm is being released on February 22nd, and Epic Games is hoping for another commercial hit among the likes of Gears of War. Ultimately, you, the consumer will decide that, and hopefully after this preview you will. 

Bulletstorm's story revolves around Grayson Hunt and his band of elite mercenaries. Hunt has been wronged by the nearly insane General Serano, and therefore crashed on the hostile planet Stygia. General Serano also happens to be Hunt's old commander, changing the character dynamic a bit. Now Hunt wants revenge on Serano, and he'll go through several hordes of enemies to do so. If it sounds extremely cliched, that's because it is, but luckily the game seems very self aware so far. The tone from the footage shown so far has veered sharply towards the ridiculous, with lines like "You scared the dick off me!" That may not be everyone's cup of tea, but even if the tone ends up being too over the top, over the top tones are welcome over bland tones any day. 
What really sets Bulletstorm apart though, is it's gameplay. Like other first person shooters today, you aim down the sight and shoot, but unlike the others, the goal is not just to kill all of your opponents. Your goal is to kill all of your opponents in the most creative and entertaining ways possible, which the game calls skill shots. The better your kill, the more points you get. The points you get you can spend on new weapons and skills. There will be no competitive multiplayer, but there will be co-op.

The weapons and abilities at your disposable allow for this creativity, with an energy lasso and a kick. The energy lasso can allow you to reel in enemies, and throw them on the ground for an area of effect. You can also kick enemies into hazardous areas in the environment. You also get normal firearms to add to this, such as assault rifles and grenade launchers. These abilities can combine for long combos, such as slamming one guy into the ground, triggering the enemies around him to fly into the air, shooting a grenade in the mix, lassoing in one guy while shooting him with your assault rifle, and finally kicking him into a venus fly trap. There'll be other firearms, too, though you can only carry two weapons at a time. 

Even though the PC crowd won't be getting a demo like console gamers, Bulletstorm will have Nvidia 3D support. This will only be for the PC version, so there'll be something for PC gamers to hang their hat on other than the refined keyboard and mouse controls. Bulletstorm is being developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games. It will be released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC on February 22nd. We'll be posting our review that week, so stay tuned. 


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