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Burn Notice: Devil You Know

An episode heavy on story arc action, with a cliffhanger leaving you ready to tear your hair out. *spoilers*

As Michael and his team rushes to recapture mysterious criminal "Simon" from last episode, things heat up both on the front line and at home.

While Michael runs from cops and federal agents, his mother is being interrogated by the same in her own home.

Usually, Madeline is mostly annoying, aggravating and occasionally pathetic - but here she stepped up to the plate as a Momma Bear, not allowing threats or manipulation to sway here from protecting her son as best she knows how. From the code for "stay away" used during Michael's father's drinking binges, to telling the surprisingly engaging and likeable federal agent that if Michael wanted him dead, he'd be DEAD, Madeline Westen stands by her son, no matter whether she doubts him or not.

We see a side of her we only rarely get a good look at, and I like it a lot. Her final comment before being arrested actually touched me quite deeply - it showed a degree of insight I wasn't sure she was capable of.

Michael runs around being his usual competent self - and being chased by every gun carrying government agency in the area, while Sam and Fiona once again team up to back him up.

The climax involves explosions, carchases and -crashes, and a fair bit of blood.

Special details I particularly liked was Fiona and Michael not-saying-goodbye, Michael's face as Simon gleefully repeats "You'll be just like me" as they're being arrested, and Management's - a.k.a. the old guy's - face when he realizes how clever the two opposing agents are.

The only COMPLAINT I have against the episode, is the choice of villain - or rather the actor.

I feel like I've seen Garret Dillahunt as a bad guy - wholly or partially - in every major series I've seen over the last couple of years, and while he is a decent actor, all his other characters flash before my inner eye every time he enters the screen. Anyway - great episode, can't bear to wait for next season!



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