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Burn Notice Movie in the Works

Now don't get your hopes up (I know, I'm a constant tease), all that has been confirmed so far is that a made-for-TV movie has been given the go ahead and will act as a prequel to the popular spy series. Bruce Campbell (Sam) is set to star and will also be a producer for the project that will likely surround Sam's final mission with the Navy Seals before his arrival in Miami.

None of the shows other characters have been confirmed as making an appearence and although there remains the possibility that Fiona may be given some screen time, Michael Western is sure to be entirely absent. It will be interesting to see how convincing the slightly out of shape and now middle-aged Bruce Campbell will be as a Navy Seal, but his performances very rarely disappoint and with Matt Nix remaining at the reigns, we are sure to but in for some great TV/film/whatever the hell you want to call it.

No release date has been announced, but watch the videos below for some more details; recorded on handheld camera with rubbish microphone. I spoil you guys rotten.


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