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Buy Civilization IV Right Now On Steam

Steam's known for its ridiculous weekend and mid-week sales, and once again, I've succumbed to their tactics of making things not cost a lot of money. That makes... 151 games on my Steam account. Man, I haven't even installed over half of these.

You can get all Civilization IV and its expansions and Colonization for a stupid price of $10.

If you've never played a Civ game before, well, this is always a good start. Sure, sure, spears blowing up tanks is always a strange thing, but Civ has always functioned on an abstract level. Learn the game and you'll be absorbed into it. Plus, Civ 4 comes with a tutorial that has a charming little polygonal render of Sid Meier.

There's a lot of game here, a ridiculous of amount of game, and even if you won't ever considering playing these games, you should still buy it out of basic propriety. No one rejects an offer this good. Not even with the state the economy is in. Don't tell me you can't afford this. The fact that you're reading this tells me you can scrounge up $10. Starting to sound more and more hostile here, so...

Here's the link again if you somehow missed it. 


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