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It’s been a while and due to the holiday’s I’m a little behind on my reading, but I’ve finally caught up! So this first batch is everything Marvel that I’ve read and expect another two editions to follow. Just as a refresher: “Buy” means you should pick up a copy because it’s either an instant classic or just a great book that you should be reading. A “Read” means if you have a friend who bought it then do so, but don’t go out of your way to get it. A “Skip” is for people that are following a certain title, but the issue may be a filler and not worth them picking up. And finally “Pass”, means that you shouldn’t waste your time or money on the book. Now on with the Marvel books!

Wolverine # 4 – Pass – This series is supposedly blowing people’s minds… not my mind. Wolvie meets his daddy in this issue and I almost puked on the comic it was so bad.

Uncanny X-Force # 3 – Read – The book is still interesting, but Remender is throwing away a lot of character development in favor of action which is going to hurt the overall storyline.

Ultimate Thor # 3 – Pass – There’s nothing Ultimate here. The series has yet to reveal how the hell it fits in with the rest of the Ultimate Universe and feels nothing like a true Hickman book, but more like a contract requirement.

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis # 4 – PASS – This book still isn’t finished?
Astonishing X-Men Xenogensis 4 
X-Factor # 213 – Buy – I haven’t read X-Factor in a while after falling behind on the series and this book made me want to read everything I missed. This book is so accessible that it’s a shame more people aren’t reading it. By far it’s the best X-Men book being put out.

Generation Hope # 3 – Skip – This story and series has potential, but they took way too wrap up the story arc and the third issue read exactly like the second issue.

Daken: Dark Wolverine # 4 – Pass – Well I gave this series four issues and part of me likes it, but most of me wonders why it even exists so I’m going to have to wipe my hands of it.

Bullseye: Perfect Game 1-2BUY – This is one of the best stories about Bullseye ever told! But because it’s about baseball it will be completely lost on a lot of people which is a shame.
Bullseye The Perfect Game
Captain America: Hail Hydra # 1 – Read – The first issue wasn’t great as it dabbled in retconning Cap and Bucky’s past with each other. I think since Bucky’s returned I’ve read a dozen stories of them storming castles in small towns and yet here’s another.

Iron Man # 33 – Buy – Wow! What a rewarding ending to the story arc. I can’t wait to see what Fraction’s end game is for this series and what he’ll do next.

Secret Avengers # 8 – Skip – Good, but not great. This issue does very little to move the story forward and really felt like filler. Brubaker needs to wrap up the first storyline or he’ll start to lose the attention of the audience.

Avengers Academy # 7 – Pass – It saddens me to say “Pass” for this series since I like Gage as a writer, but I have no idea who this series is about! He did the typically narrative choice of giving each student their own issue to narrate, but now the entire issue was about Hank Pym. I’ve already forgotten about characters since they’ve rarely been used in the story since their issue. Just one more series to stop reading.

Incognito: Bad Influences # 2 – Buy – Sure it’s Icon, but Icon is Marvel. Buy this series. The story is great, the art is great and is different from any other superhero book on the market.

Secret Warriors # 23 – Buy – Finally, the series is back on track of being great. Vitti’s art actually looks improved, but we’ll see how he does next month. It could land the book back on “Pass”.
Secret Warriors 23 Cover
Shield # 5 – BUY – Frick’in awesome! The things Hickman has done in this series is amazing and it I can’t wait to see what happens next. Starks and Richard’s fathers are an awesome team and it is a nerds delight to see them working together.

Thunderbolts # 151 – Buy – After reading this issue I’m convinced that the Ghost should be given his own series. He is seriously becoming a great character in the Marvel U because of Jeff Parker.

Fantastic Four # 586 – Buy – Bahslkh… bohaieho… That’s gibberish talk for “Holy shit, amazing!” I can’t even do this book justice; just know that whatever Hickman is building towards… it’s going to be good!

Black Panther: Man Without Fear # 513-514 – Buy – The fact that I read two issues should tell you how far behind I am on this feature. Any ways, this series is good. It’s different from Daredevil in every way and its interesting watching Black Panther learn how to be a neighborhood superhero. There’s things he does better and then simple things he makes mistakes on.

Daredevil: Reborn # 1 – Buy – Where the hell was this caliber of story and writing when Diggle was on Daredevil? Seriously, how bad did Marvel have his ball’s in a vice grip when writing Shadowland? This book is surprisingly good and worth the purchase.

Heroes for Hire # 2
 – Buy – Abnett and Lanning continue to be amazing and this series is going to continue to be interesting with the set pieces they have in play. They’ve managed to find the perfect “Team-Up” book that doesn’t need ten pages of excuses for heroes to be working with each other. 

Heroes For Hire 2Well that’s it for Marvel and look for this article to return to being a weekly type thing this week.

Be sure to check out the DC Comics and Indie editions as well.


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