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Buy, Read, Pass – 12/2 Edition

Welcome again to another edition of Buy, Read, Pass. Not as big of a week as last week which gave me a chance to pick up some titles I'd missed the week before. Just to refresh you're memory this is a review section that runs through everything I read from the previous week. Everything is given a simple rating of buy, read or pass which should be self explanatory, but then there's skip. Skip is when an issue isn't really worth picking up when it falls in the middle of a storyline.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers # 1 – Pass – I hate to say it but you’re better off waiting for the trade paperback, or at least until the story finds it’s pacing.

Shadowland # 5 – Pass – Daredevil basically kills Ghost Rider by sucking his face off… lame ending to a disappointing series.

Daredevil # 512 – Read – A decent wrap up to the Shadowland craziness, but someone needs to beat Foggy’s ass. The guy’s just a broken record at this point and it’s annoying.
Daredevil # 512Generation Hope # 2 – Skip – If you read the first issue there’s really no need to read this issue. Just a lot of talking and Cyclops and Wolverine acting out of character.

Darkness # 87 – Buy – This is probably Top Cow’s best series and more people should know that.

Wolverine: The Best There Is – Pass – Do not buy this issue. This is the most disappointing thing Charlie Huston has ever written. At least 15 – “Babes” and 5 – “Bubs”

Heroes For Hire # 1 – Buy – This book is damn good! Instead of trying the same busted approach, Abnett and Lanning go for something completely different and great!
Heroes For Hire #1Action Comics Annual # 13 – Buy – If you haven’t been following Paul Cornell’s run on Action Comics then you are missing out on the best Lex Luthor story told… period! Also this is a great jumping on point for new readers.

Irredeemable # 20 – Read – Mark Waid throws a curve ball with this issue which makes the issue a great read, but there’s still too much recapping going on.

Batman 80 Page Giant 2010 – Buy – Surprisingly good! A ton of top tier talent tell a bunch of short stories staring Batman’s rouge gallery. Highlights include: The Joker, Calendar Man, Humpty Dumpty and Bruce himself.

iZombie # 8 – Read – I really enjoy this book – Mostly because of the art – But the story really seems to be in love with itself and after eight issues it’s gone nowhere.
iZombie # 8American Vampire # 9 – Buy – Wowzers this book is amazing! In terms of popularity and quality, this book will be the next Fables for Vertigo.

Marineman # 1 – Buy – That’s right you should actually get this book. Sure it’s basically Aquaman without the powers, but it’s surprisingly good. You may find yourself skipping some of the dialog and most of the news reports are worthless to read though.

Green Hornet Strikes # 5 – Buy – Sure there’s a lot of interest in the Green Hornet right now due to the movie and Dynamite has been making a killing on the books with Kevin Smith’s name. But this is by far the best Green Hornet book Dynamite is releasing, so get it!

Lady Death # 0 – Read – I want to say that Lady Death has returned and is better than ever, but creator/co-writer Brian Pulido is still involved on the series so it’s not great.
Lady Death # 0Kolchak: The Night Stalker Files # 1 – Read – A surprisingly good and well told story, but far too chatty for its own good. It’s as if the writer wasn't sure if the reader was getting it, so he just kept explaining it over and over.

Firebreather Vol 3 # 1 – Buy – This series continues to be interesting and captures the teenage angst much better than other Image titles do *cough Invincible cough*

Wolverine # 2&3 – Read – Granted neither of these came out this week, but I picked them up so whatever. I feel like I missed an issue from the first to the second. I understand how Wolverine got to hell, but I don’t recall reading it for myself. I will say that if they go all Spawn on Wolverine then he’ll officially be the worst character in comics ever. Also I thought Mephisto was the king of hell… like he was in Thor just last month… whatever.


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