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Buy, Read, Pass – 12/8 Edition

Time for more quick verdicts on last week comics! I finally got my hands on a copy of 27 (actually two in case it blows up and becomes worth a ton of money!) And I think I may be sold on Nick Spencer finally... maybe. If I had to pick a book of the week I'd pick Thor The Might Avenger # 7. Such a fantastic title that hopefully Marvel will consider not cancelling.

27 # 1 – Buy – I was actually able to get a copy of this issue and at below cover price (screw you eBay). It’s worth picking up, but not worth paying $30 bucks for. If you can’t find it, pick up the second print.
27 CoverLady Mechanika # 1 – Read – The art is beautiful, the characters are stunning, but the story needs help. A much better start than the zero issue, but it’s still a ways away from making “Buy.”

Starborn # 1 – Buy – Definitely the weakest of the three Stan Lee titles from Boom!, but still really good and very different in story and structure from Soldier Zero and The Traveler.

Halcyon # 2 – Buy – So the book went the way I expected, but it’s still really good and the art is fantastic. 
Halcyon # 2 CoverMystery Society # 5 – Read – Hopefully not the end to the series because this issue wasn’t very good. Everything about it was predictable and pretty much a letdown.

First Wave # 5 – Pass – What happened to this book? It started off great, but now it’s begging to be put down.

Thunder Agents # 2 – Buy – This book is just really good. There is so much detail and research in this single issue that is thought provoking.
Thunder Agents # 2 CoverThe Flash # 7 – Read – I hate to say it, but this is just a read. It’s good and very reminiscent of Johns work on other titles and previous works, but it just didn’t stand out as being typically great.

Superboy # 2 – Read – This series has been very disappointing so far. Keep reading and we’ll all pray it gets better.

Thor # 618 – Read – Not great. In fact Fraction has managed to undo all major character deaths that had actually made Thor interesting for the first time in a decade… maybe you should pass. 

Thor: The Might Avenger # 7 – Buy – This book is so incredibly good, mature and yet has a wide spread appeal that it’s disgusting that it’s being cancelled. I’m not sure what Marvel was thinking on this one.
Thor The Mighty Avenger # 7 CoverShadowland: After The Fall – Pass – A shameless cash in on Shadowland, does nothing, tells nothing and apparently Murdock had enough time to record a tape before disappearing from town.

The New Avengers # 7 – Skip – If you want to hear about Spider-man not getting a paycheck or read an entire issue with awkward dialog, then feel free to pick it up. Otherwise it’s just another issue of Bendis trying to humanize the Avengers with dialog that all sounds the same.


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