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Buy, Read, Pass Comics Of The Week 12/29/10

Since there are so many comics released, usually a great reviewer can’t always post those reviews. However, fret not the comic team behind all of the reviews, news, and features create a simple article that has out thoughts about comics that were released this week. For the week of 12/29/10 comics of DC Comics and Marvel release the last comics of 2010. Here is what came out and what I had to say about them. There might be a chance that I will create a full review for most of the comics listed below.

Action Comics #896 Pass

 Action Comics

Paul Cornell continues to create all new original Lex Luthor adventures! When Vandal Savage puts a threat on Lex’s life, he can’t beat the immortal caveman by himself so he calls in the bounty hunter team, the Secret Six! Will the Secret Six be enough to stop Vandal Savage, or will everyone die before Vandal gets what he wants? Written by Paul Cornell and artwork by Pete Woods. If you want to check out the current Action Comics series, issue 896 isn’t a good place to jump on. Pick up some of the previous issues.


Batman: The Dark Knight #1 READ & BUY IT!!!

 Batman The Dark Knight 1

The newest and one of the greatest series in Batman history has outstanding artist, David Finch, writing and drawing the series! What else do you need? David creating all new stories that have never been thought of, and also Bruce Wayne back and better than ever. With 2010 ending, and 2011 just about to begin if you’re a Bat-fan like me, then start reading! Batman’s first story arc in this series involves him finding his friend Dawn Golden, whom he hasn’t seen in years.

Detective Comics #872 Read

The second part of Black Mirror continues! As Dick Grayson goes undercover in the Mirror House, he finds that many of the social elites like to bid for old villain gear. So what does this mean when Dick gets noticed by hundreds of crazed bidders who would do anything for the head or arm of Batman 2? It means you should’ve thought of never going into an old apartment without taking all of your anti-toxin antidotes! Don’t forget about the second part of Commissioner Gordon’s story as he finds out that his son (whom as I am shocked about) is behind (probably) everything!

The Flash #8 Read

 Flash # 8

“Birth Of The Reverse Flash!” In this Flashpoint prelude, don’t miss out your chance to find out about Barry Allen’s greatest enemy, Professor Zoom! Thawne’s story is just the beginning of many new things to come however Prof Zoom intends to end Barry Allen’s life once and for all! The origin of Prof Zoom is retold for the newer reader. This is a great jumping on point for drop out readers and coming on readers.

Gotham City Sirens #18 Pass

What measures will Zatanna go to save the people she loves? What measures will Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn go to take down Catwoman when they find out that she’s been lying to her friends for a long time? And how long can Talia Al Ghul hold off an enraged Ivy? Find out in the 18th issue of Gotham City Sirens as everything from here on out changes the Sirens forever!

Green Arrow #7 Pass

Green Arrow # 7Brightest Day continues to reach its branches out into many titles. Who is the lady in the Emerald Archer’s forest? What significance does she have, and is she friend or foe? Does Green Arrow have, yet again, another problem on his hands that he has to stop, or will this be a benefit to his cause? Written by J.T. Krul and artwork by Mike Mayhew.

Captain America #613 Read

 Captain America # 613

With Bucky finally starting his trial, will he have to pay for the crimes of Winter Soldier? Or will he be deemed innocent? Bucky might not like what happens to him now, but it’s the best way for him to stay on the right path and keep from messing up Captain America’s name.

Spider-Girl #2 Read

The new (or old) Spider-Girl is back and is facing one of the strongest threats to the Marvel Universe. Red Hulk! Wait a minute? How can one teenage girl stop the might and power of the Red Hulk? At what cost will the original Spider-Girl go to stop Red Hulk, and how much chaos will occur in New York City?

New Mutants #20 Pass

“Rise Of The New Mutants” The New Mutants were beat badly last issue; those who are still left to fight and defend one another are going to keep on fighting! Can this fresh new team of mutants pick the pieces up and stop Project Purgatory from letting the elder gods loose? Definitely not alone, they turn to the X-Men for help. However, can the combined efforts of the X-Men and New Mutants stop the evil future from happening that was foretold in New Mutants #9? Pick up the series now to find out!

X-23 #4 Buy

 X-23 # 4

The open road is a dangerous place for any teenager… unless you’re created to be unkillable like X-23! Leaving the X-Men was Laura’s first choice to finding out answers to her past, but the world might be a bit more dangerous than X-23 realizes. Her questions will lead to answers and it eventually leads to another orphan that is named Remy Le Beau, better known as Gambit!

Daken: Dark Wolverine #4 Read

Cold-blooded killers (like Daken) are never good company. With everyone thinking that Daken is a goner, Daken establishes his new costumed identity! You think Dark Wolverine was a cold-blooded killer, you haven’t seen anything until you read this issue. Once you pick it up, you won’t put it down!

Well that’s what I had to say; I’ll post some of the comic reviews. Hope everyone has a happy New Year!


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