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Buy, Read, Pass – DC Edition

It’s been a while and due to the holiday’s I’m a little behind on my reading, but I’ve finally caught up! So this batch is everything DC that I’ve read and expect another two editions as well. Just as a refresher: “Buy” means you should pick up a copy because it’s either an instant classic or just a great book that you should be reading. A “Read” means if you have a friend who bought it then do so, but don’t go out of your way to get it. A “Skip” is for people that are following a certain title, but the issue may be a filler and not worth them picking up. And finally “Pass”, means that you shouldn’t waste your time or money on the book. Now on with the DC books!

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 – Read – The back story being built for Rip and Booster is great, but since Bruce has already returned this series is just too late.

Superman 706-707 – Pass – Well JMS really took the wind out of the sails for this book. TO the reader it no longer matters that Supes is walking across the US, but that’s all the writers can focus on. Just terrible.

Detective Comics #872 – Buy – This is the best Bat-book out there. Snyder and Jock are a great team and really make Dick an interesting character.

Detective Comics 872 CoverBatman Incorporated # 2 – Pass – Man this series wen to shit quick. Catwoman was just there to steal jewels and put them in a suitcase with water… that leaked! Lame!

Batman: The Dark Knight # 1 – Buy – Nothing like Frank Miller’s, but really good. If you liked Hush then you’ll dig this series.

Batman Beyond # 1 – Pass – For a full explanation on why check out Nicole’s review. I’ll just add that I must be stupid to thing that this series was going to improve after the mini-series.

Batgril # 17 – Buy – Steph and the Bat-brat working together is great. The plot to the issue is simple but the story and emotion within are heart-filled and rare in comics.
Batgirl 17Action Comics # 896 – Buy – This issue is worth a buy, but…

Secret Six # 29 – Pass – What a shitty conclusion to the storyline. Luthor and Vandal get drinks on his yacht.

Superboy # 3 – Read – It’s better than the last issue for sure, but there’s too much going on in the series for readers to care about what’s happening. Lemire does bring in the family roots that his known for which is the shining moment of the issue.

Steel #1 – Read – It’s a good start to Reign of Doomsday, but Doomsday is the weakest aspect of the story. Steel on the other hand continues to be a great and underused character.

Green Lantern #60 – Buy – Johns returns with the “Holy Shit” moments as Hal squares off against Parallax and man is it good.
Green Lantern 60 CoverGreen Lantern # 61 – Buy – Yup it deserves its own line that’s how good it is. The Butcher is revealed and the stuff that goes down is good. Just a solid story that shows why the Red Lanterns are getting their own story.

Green Lantern Corps # 55 – Read – A pretty solid story that ties in nicely to the rest of the GL franchise.

Green Lantern Larfleeze Christmas Special – Buy – What a sad and funny story told only in a way the Geoff Johns can.

Flash # 8 – Read – Whereas the last three books by Johns where great or good this one is just typical. Granted it’s building towards something hopefully worthwhile, but it feels like a copy and paste from Green Lantern.

Wonder Woman # 605 – Skip – This book hasn’t fallen off as much since JMS’ departure, but this issue feels like filler and is all over the damn place. I’m sure once Hester takes over fulltime and all on his own that the book will take off again.

Wonder Girl # 1 – Pass – I got to the end of this book and thought, “What just happened?” I don’t know if this is the kick off to her own series, but they should have gotten the writer from Batgirl to do it.
Wonder Girl 1 CoverTitans # 30-31 – Buy – If this comic was a wrestling event then I would be shouting, “Holy shit, holy shit.” This series continues to be great and full of surprises.

Thunder Agents # 3 – Buy – Besides the Howard Chaykin, this issue is great. I don’t know why the industry loves his horrible, horrible art for flashbacks, but they should really cut it out. Nick Spencer has finally impressed me with this issue which is saying a lot.

Starman/Congorilla # 1 – Pass – I think I bought this because of the cover… and because I couldn’t believe there was a character called “Congorilla”… and that’s about all this issue was worth.

The Spirit # 9 – Buy – If you remotely like the Spirit then get this series. If you’ve ever wanted to check out the Spirit then check out this beautiful and accessible series.
Spirit 9 CoverAmerican Vampire # 10 – Buy – Just when I thought this series was winding down writer Scott Snyder kicks it up a notch! I don’t know where the series is going, but I can’t wait to get there.

iZombie # 9 – Read – This book isn’t for everyone so I’ll give it just a read. But I find it strange and interesting.

Whoo! Thanks for sticking with this one and don’t worry I’m done buying several of these series.

Be sure to check out the Marvel and Indie edition as well.


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