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Buy, Read, Pass – Everyone Dies Edition

Well there was a ton of deaths this week, so many B and C list deaths that you'll really be wondering how and why they all ended up dead in the same week. I'll try to put a big old *SPOILER* in before I say who dies, but then you'll totally know some eats it in that issue so either way it'll suck for whoever's reading this. In that regard, you should probably read your own picks for the week before taking a gander at my list.

Ultimate Spider-Man #153 – Pass – This is the prelude to the "Death of Spider-man" saga happening across all of the Ultimate books. I should say all of the books that didn't have a lazy ass writer on them that just kind of fell off after three or four issues. Yeah I'm looking at your Jeph Loeb! Anyways it's not really a spoiler, but a bunch of civilians die and Mysterio looks just beyond stupid.

X-Factor #215 – Buy – Damn this book is so good. It has to be the most under-rated superhero book on shelves today and that is just a damn shame. It's witty and full of heart while mixing in a monster of the week storyline. Layla and Maddox are a cute future couple, oh yea a vampire succubus dies as well.

Current Body Count – 2
New Avengers 9 - 2011New Avengers # 9 – Read – I told myself I wasn't going to get this book anymore after the last two issues, but here I am picking it up once more. This book has completely started over from the last issue. There's still too much talking and basically this Avengers team just tries to "one up" each with jokes and physical comedy. Not a great issue, but much better than the last one. Too bad Nick Fury's drawn by Howard Chaykin and I find his style ugly and grotesque. *SPOILER* Mockingbird gets wasted by a shot gun at the end of the issue... I doubt she's actually dead though.

Heroes For Hire # 3 – Buy – This book is still going strong. Paladin finally reveals that he's on to the fact that Missy isn't where she says she is and begins spying on her closest friends. It ends with him being confronted by Iron Fist. Also Moon Knight kills a Velociraptor!

Black Panther: Man Without Fear # 515 – Buy – Anyone missing out on this book is making a big mistake. Panther has made Hell's Kitchen the most interesting it's been in years! It's very cool to see him use his mind on a budget. This title has revitalized his character after the crap fest that was Doom War. *SPOILER* Also Vlad's wife is killed.

Current Body Count – 4 + 1 Dinosaur
Twilight Guardian 1 CoverTwilight Guardian # 1 – Buy – I have to say there's something about this book that got its hooks into me and wouldn't let go. I'll do a full review for it so I won't say too much here, but there is a missing person that could be dead. The body count continues!

Batgirl # 18 – Read – This was a decent issue. Nguyen's art is too inconsistent for anything other than covers. Brian Miller really has left his mark on this character and made her strong member of the Bat family. Hopefully Didio doesn't try to kill her off again because he doesn't like her. Read the full review for more details and to figure out who's dead!

Incognito: Bad Influences # 3 – Buy – Zack gets further into the criminal underground and finds that he's still not as welcomed as he hoped to be. In the meantime a relative of someone Zack killed is tracking him down and killing everyone in his way. The body count is high for this book so we'll just limit it to character with speaking roles and say 5!

Current Body Count – 9 + 1 Dinosaur
Secret Warriors 24Secret Warriors #24 – Buy – Hickman is starting to bum me out. If there is another book that has more losses than Secret Warriors I'd love to know. *SPOILER* A lot of people die in this issue and frankly it's really sad. Hickman really shows that with war comes loss of human life and lives up to the saying, "War is Hell." A great issue that anyone can pick up and read.

Titans # 32 – Buy – This is a great issue because it wraps up two major storylines that have been going since the special. People following Brightest Day are in luck as one of the prophecies finally comes through.

Thunder Agents # 4 – Read – I don't know what happened to the momentum of this series, but it really came to a halt with this issue. There's an awkward pop-culture reference in the middle of the issue and the usual pacing of the issue is a bit choppy. Hopefully it rebounds with the fifth issue and Spencer needs to tone down the reveals.

Cinderella # 1 – Read – I wish I could say that this book is as charming as Fables or Jack of Fables, but it falls really short of the two. The art sytle is very Fables-esc, but Roberson really falls short as a writer. *SPOILER* Oh and someone dies!

Current Body Count – 17 + 1 Dinosaur
Hack/Slash 1 - 2011Hack/Slash #1 – Pass – The world of Hack/Slash is way too crowded. I had hoped that Tim Seeley would just start over and use the fresh start he had when he established with My First Maniac, but it wasn't the case. Frankly if you had some attachment to the twenty plus characters then knock yourself out. The first two pages are a character breakdown just so new readers know who the hell everyone is. It's not really a spoiler that people die in this book since that's kind of the point.

Fenemy of the State # 4 – Read – I wish I could say this book was up to the usual Oni standards, but it falls a little short of the bar. Also if they remind me what a "Frenemy" is one more time I'm going to be done with this series. No one dies though so that's good right?

Green Hornet # 13 – Buy – Phil Hester is on a roll! This book is really good and develops the characters and the relationships of the characters. Also it's good to see that Hester didn't just write off everything from Kevin Smith's script after getting through it. No deaths, but there is a cliffhanger eluding to one... won't happen though.

Wolverine 5.1 – Pass – Not only does no one get killed or brutally murdered, but nothing happens other than the discovery of Wolverine's true birth date... though they never say it. Also a lot of presumptions are made about the X-Men and it's eluded that Beast is no longer working with them. Just don't tell the writers of any of the X-Books. It's supposed to be a cute story about how Wolvie's girlfriend totally gets him, but it's so played out and not what you'd expect to catch readers up on Wolverine. It doesn't re-establish his character or change the status quo, it just talks and poorly at that.

Well our total body count is 20 +1 Dinosaur... makes you kind of realize that comic books throw away life more than any other art form huh? Also I guess we have to include the major Spider-man death and the Knight and Squire death and the Generation Lost death as well making it a total of 23 people and 1 Dinosaur this week. See I wasn't joking when I said everyone died.


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