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Buy, Read, Pass – Everything On My Desk Edition

This is it, I'm finally caught up with the exception of trade paper backs (which don't count). So here's yet another jam packed edition of Buy, Pass, Read dubbed "Everything on My Desk Edition." If you're unfamiliar with the way the article works, I recommend checking out the last batch of Buy, Pass, Read's for a walk through on how this works. Otherwise, let's get going!

Detective Comics # 873 – Buy – Seriously the best Batman book out there. Dick is filling the role of Batman like never before and Snyder is keeping him true to his character. In fact I would say that this is the truest and best that Dick has been since first becoming Nightwing. Fans of Babs and Dick's relationship are also in store for a treat as Snyder contiues to use her as a supporting character.

Wonder Woman # 606 – Read – Not great, but the series is definitely handling the leave of JMS from the book a lot better than Superman. Phil Hester really is one of the most under rated writers in comics and I can't wait to see what he does with Wonder Woman once he's past JMS outline. I'm sure it'll be a knock out like Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Corps # 56 – Read – I would say buy for the cover alone, but then you'll be disappointed when you read the book and realize it's on the fifth issue of the story line. Sinestro proves why he's a bad ass, but everyone else pretty much sucks. Although in the next issue should just be one big fist fight between Yellow and Green.
Green Lantern Corps 56Secret Avengers # 9 – Read – This issue had its ups and downs. The way Roger's beat Steele was cool, but everything else in the issue was kind of boring.

Age of X: Alpha – Pass – It has some cool elements to it, but it doesn't explain anything about the world or what's happening to the X-Men. It's just a bunch of collected stories introducing characters that may or may not play a vital role in what's to come.

Fantastic Four # 587 – Buy – I hate to say it, because I still hate Marvel for spoiling the issue, but it's so fucking good! The relationship that Hickman built between Johnny and Ben was better than any other writer. He truly showed that for all the fame and women that he had, his only friend was Ben. This death rivals that of Captain America's.

Uncanny X-Force # 4 – Pass – Well as I thought they wrapped it up in four issues instead of six and because of that, it was rushed. No character development and they used the same writing and story tricks in all four issues. On the plus side Deadpool didn't annoy me. *SPOILER* They kill that F'ing kid...
Uncanny X-Force 4Thunderbolts # 152 – Buy – It wasn't as good as the last issue about the Ghost, but the plot is moving on. Hyperion is on the team and it's interesting to say the least. Lot's of monster as well.

The New Avengers # 8 – Pass – I couldn't pass harder on this issue. Just terrible. I wish all the characters would just shut up already. I thought for sure that after the last chatty issue that Bendis would move on, but nope he just kept talking.

The Last Phantom # 4 – Buy – This is a great book that I think that more people should be reading it. The Phantom is on his way to America with his horse and wolf and I can't wait to see what happens.

The Green Hornet Strikes # 6 – Buy – Sure the covers may not all be winners, but this is the best Green Hornet book out there. We've finally established the family connection between the old and the new hornet, but the mystery as to why the father chose to die still remains.

Daomu #1 – Read – There will probably be a full review, but this book was interesting. It played it safe for the most part and was a bit slow at times. Still nice to see true Asian culture and stories represented in American comics though.

Morning Glories # 5 – Buy – This ending was good and renewed my faith in the quality of the book. Basically the plan presented to the audience is not the plan. Damn good book with an excellent last few pages.
Morning Glories 5Morning Glories # 6 – Skip – Issue seven starts a new story for readers to jump onto so issue six is all filler and really all about the shocking ending. It may have some value once the new story arc begins, but on its own you could skip it.

Sweet Tooth # 18 – Buy – This was my first time reading this book and I loved everything about it. I loved the narration break, the characters, the setting and the art. I even loved the comic strip format to the issue.

iZombie # 10 – Read – The stories pace is driving me crazy and taking way too long to conclude what should be the first arc. I really fill like the character development has been halted and that story is on standby. The reveal of the issue has me wanting to read the next one, but if it wasn't for that and the art I would walk from the title.

Superboy # 4 – Read – It wasn't the best, but it had some good stuff going on. The relationships between characters is great, but I don't really care about the story that's happening around them. It's a bit like watching "House", I don't care about the medical mystery just the relationships.

Superman 80 Page Giant – Buy – Definitely worth the page count and amount. Every story basically announces the status quo of Superman's supporting cast. It doesn't redefine them, but humanizes them. Also it was way better than the batman issue.
Superman 80 Page GiantUltimate Thor # 4 – Pass – It's Hickman and I hate to say it, but this book is almost like the secret history of the Ultimate Universe and frankly I don't care. The Ultimate line is a joke and wrapping up all the pieces of ten year old story lines to a universe that's ruined is just boring.

Captain America # 613 – Read – I guess this is supposed to be a big deal, but for me it was just so-so. It was standard Brubaker and very reminiscent of his start on the book series, but that left me with the feeling of bad deja-vu than a good familiarity.

Captain America: Hail Hydra # 2 – Pass – I can't pass on this book hard enough. Just bad. I stopped reading it mid-way through and just started focusing on the piss poor artwork.

Iron Man # 500 – Buy – Great book and wrapped up another chunk of Fraction's run on Iron Man... or did it! The story bounces between the future and the past and the artwork at times is very Frank Miller-esc. Not the best jumping on point for the book, but wait till the next issue.
Iron Man 500
Iron Man # 500.1 – Read – And here's the next issue. This is the first in the Marvel .1 series of books that establishes the status quo for the character so that new readers can jump onto the book and not be scared away by big numbers like 500. Frankly the book was a little boring and not just because I'm caught up on the series. Tony's at AA and pouring his heart out and it seemed fake and uncharacteristic. It felt like the character was doing it because someone told him he had to, not because it's what he wanted to be doing.

Taskmaster # 4 – Buy – I sincerely hope that Marvel continues down this path with the Task Master, because it was great. The whole concept that he's actually a good guy, but that he can't remember it is fantastic. Also the mini has a very touching and sad ending.

Time Masters Vanishing Point # 6 – Read – Sure Batman has been found, but that doesn't mean the fun is over for this series. The relationship between Rip and Booster is so great to read that it became the only reason to read the book. The rest was just filler.

Action Comics # 897 – Buy – A very good book, even if the Joker wasn't anything like what the Joker should be. At times he was 100% true to character and other times he was nothing like he should be. Still an interesting issue and Robo-Lois is becoming more and more suspicious. Also, even though Lex is the bad guy, Cornell has managed to make him the hero and it's easy to root for him. Especially since you know he's bound to be betrayed at some point.
Action Comics 897Shazam! #1 – Read – I'm not sure if this is an ongoing or just a one shot to sell a cover, but it was just okay. I was a bit let down since it's by the same writer as Titans. The story was watered down and pretty much the same plot that all Shazam stories fall into. Bad guy mad at Shazam for having the wizards powers, wants powers, doesn't get them, gets beat up, Billy and friends talk like their still living in the fifties and done.

The New York Five #1 – Read – I wasn't grabbed by this book and I really felt like I should have been. I didn't care about the characters and that made the book hard to read. I loved the art and even the narrative, but when it came down to it the characters where just hallow. They seemed more like stereotypes than characters, but someone might relate to the book better than I did.

American Vampire # 11 – Buy – I don't know how this book keeps getting better, but it does. Every time I think I've had enough of the characters something new and interesting happens and it's never what I'm expecting. I will continue to support and read this book because it's just damn good and actually makes vampires cool again.
American Vampire 11Guarding the Globe # 3 – Skip/Pass – If you're going to keep reading this series regardless than at least skip this issue. Otherwise, pass on the whole damn thing. The book is just page after page of characters hanging out, but you never really spend any time with them to actually care about them.

Gore # 1 – Buy – A different take on fairytales and man oh man the art is beautiful. Even the hideous monsters are beautiful to look at. Basically a portal opens to our world from the fairytale world and the come to kill us for fun and sport and only the Hunter stands in their way.

Echoes # 2 – Buy – So creepy! It's hard to even review this issue because there's so much that can be spoiled. Let's just say that Joshua Hale takes the disturbing nature of the book to the next level.


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