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Buy, Read, Pass – Thanksgiving Edition

Each week there are a ton of books that we simply don’t have the time to review. Each member on the staff has their own tastes and opinions on the books that they read and so I thought to myself, “What if we just list every book we read and give it a pass fail.” That’s what you’re about to read here, a list of everything that I read this week. I’ll be rating each title with one of the four titles: Buy, Read, Pass and Skip.

The first three are no brainers, but “Skip” will be used when big stories lines have fill in stories, or a series takes a break and a guest writer or artist fills in for the issue. Obviously if the issue is worth reading it will receive a “Buy” or “Read”, but honestly most of the time it will get a “Skip”. Without further ado here’s my very long list.

Ultimate Spider-Man # 150Read – Don’t let the thickness foul you they’re just reprinting a summer special that’s way better than the issue itself is.

Uncanny X-Force # 2Read – Not as good as the first issue and the story is progressing aggressively.
Uncanny X-Force # 2 Black Widow # 8Buy – If you’ve been following the story line, finish it. But be weary of the next issue.

The Invincible Iron Man # 32Buy – If you’re not reading it, you should be.

Secret Avengers # 7Read – Not great and it really broke from the pace the first six issues had.

Shadowland: Power Man # 4Skip – If you read the first three just call it good and wait till the ongoing.

Thor: The Mighty Avenger # 6Buy – Hell buy two so maybe they won’t cancel it. Seriously, it’s one of the best books out there.
Thor: The Mighty Avenger # 6Astonishing Thor # 1Pass – Great art, but nothing else.

Thunderstrike # 1Pass or Buy – If you want a true 90’s comic buy it, but that might be the reason others will pass. Also Neil called it!

Fantastic Four # 585Buy – Not nearly as good as the previous issue and the serious may have gone a predictable route finally, but time will tell.

Secret Warriors # 22Buy – The art is still terrible, but the story is getting really good!

Detective Comics # 871Buy – Seriously you should already have bought it.
Detective Comics # 871Batman and Robin # 17Pass – There’s nothing top tier about this book which is sad since everyone credited on the book is!

Batman Beyond # 6Pass – Again, just wait for the ongoing. Nothing happens that matters and it ends more predictably than an episode of the show.

Batwoman # 0Pass – Wait till the first issue, great art though.

Action Comics # 895Buy or Pass – If you’ve been following the series… buy it, if not this is a horrible jumping on point.

Skullkickers # 3Pass – I’ve read all three issues this week and I give the entire series a pass!
Skullkickers #3Savage Dragon # 166Pass – People die, but then the series has never held the ramifications of death with high regard.

The Traveler # 1Buy – Did you read the review? Buy it!

Green Hornet # 10Skip – I hadn’t realized that I didn’t read issue nine yet and it didn’t seem to matter any.

Vampirella # 1Pass – Not a good start to the series and low quality art to boot!

Route Des Maisons Rouges # 2Pass – Beautiful art, but much of anything else.
Route Des Maisons Rouges 2Wow! What a huge week of books, now go forth and read! 


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