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c2e2 2011 – Day 2

Here we are at the end of day two, currently we’re watching
Kill Bill volume 2 the worst of the two movies. Our day began with a light
breakfast from the bakery at the convention center, the food was great but they
had the cajones to try and charge 6 dollars for a bottle of juice! After that
we jetted to the DC universe panel which you can read about here. The panel was
definitely less exciting then the DC nation panel which we recapped in our day
one coverage. There was one juicy bit of info we picked up on that you’re sure
to figure out if you read the comments section.

After that we jumped over to the Avatar Press Q&A which
was short and sweat. It was very interesting though and we hope to have further
coverage from Avatar in the future. You can read all about that panel here as
well. Then we checked out Dynamite Comics panel. Not a lot of information with
the big exception of their next Kevin Smith project the Bionic Man! Otherwise
the panel was just fun to listen to as they talked about not wearing pants and
hitting on twenty year old men. I’d like to note that McCormick’s Place has
great chairs!

PFYS - False ProphetAfter that I missed the Oni Press panel which I was dying to
see while posting the before mentioned articles. I did get a chance to talk to
the Oni Press and they have a new book coming out that follows the life of 18
people from life to death. You can literally read the book 19 times and get a
different story each time. It sounds interesting and will definitely be one I’m
looking forward to. Somewhere inbetween I talked to Charles Soule about the next chapter of 27 which you can check out here.

I had a chance to stop by Big Dog Ink’s booth where they
were selling some incredible prints from their covers. They also had Pinpoint
on sale and I was told that it would hit normal stands at the end of the
month. Penny for Your Soul’s first volume will be wrapping up with issue 7 and
from there a new series will begin called Penny for Your Soul: False Prophet. I
asked about Critter and they said that issue we reviewed is being treated as a
zero issue and that the series will re-launch in July with a new artist. They
do have a secret series coming out so which they’ve been hinting about on the
website, but I’m sure we’ll have the news for you when it happens.

After that I hit the sales floor since I didn’t bother
trying to get into the massive line that was the Cup of Joe panel. Kevin broke
off to check out an Indie movie called Boy Wonder. He’ll have more information
about it in the days to come, but it sounds like it was a decent flick.

We wrapped up the night at Piece Pizza which was pretty
decent. I wouldn’t say that it was amazing but if I drank I would probably
think that it was the best pizza ever. Also I wouldn’t recommend it unless you
have about three hours to kill since the wait times are brutal. I overheard
that it’s better during the lunch hour so maybe try it out then.

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