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C2E2 Marvel News: Thor: The Mighty Avenger

Thor: The Mighty AvengerMarvel announced a new monthly Thor title this weekend at C2E2 (Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo).  Thor: The Mighty Avenger, will be written by Roger Langridge (The Muppet Show) and drawn by Chris Samnee (Avengers VS Agents of Atlas) and is scheduled to begin in July.

According to Langridge, “the book will have an overarching plot that spans through the first year of the book, but that each issue will act like a one-shot.” This seems to be a growing trend at Marvel. For example, series like the Fantastic Four are doing the same thing. Langridge also stated that Mr. Hyde would be the villain to jump start the series and followed by some re-imagined Asgard and Avenger villains. The series will also at some point feature all of the original Avengers and several other Marvel characters that the team wanted to use. Hopefully the book can hold its own and not become another cameo-of-the-month title like Moon Knight or Wolverine: Origins.

Head to Marvel’s new section to see all of Chris Samnee’s promotional art and character sketches.

Two monthly Thor books and a movie on its way… That’s interesting to say the least. Follow Dustin on Twitter and FormSpring.


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