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Californication – Home Sweet Home

Hank found a way back into his old house. While is may not have been the way he hoped or even thought of, he wakes up in his old bed with Karen looking after him, so I think we can chalk it up to a win. It seems that the world thinks he was trying to kill himself and that affords him some sympathy. This was literally hard to watch. We knew that he didn’t try to commit suicide, he is just an idiot who took far too many pills, and we knew this was going to blow up in his face, we just didn’t know when.

The conversation with the doctor at the beginning of the episode was rather startling. I find it hard to believe a doctor would use such a candid voice when talking to a recovering patient but he made his point. We tend to forget just how irresponsible and morally destructive Hank is because we want to him to succeed, it was good to get a view from the outside and see just how selfish he really is.

Karen and Hank get along far too well in this episode. This feeds into my biggest problem with Home Sweet Home, we knew where it was going from the start. It is still nice to see how it gets there but the whole get back in Karen’s good graces only to have it ripped from him without warning has been done an awful lot. Now I know that their relationship is the crux of the show and ultimately it will be about them, but there is only so much we can take before the narrative becomes tired.  As I said earlier, we all want Hank to succeed, but we need more logical and new concepts to impede and ultimately strengthens his character.
While Hank is having a good couple of days playing house, Charlie finds himself in an interesting predicament. He has been avoiding the producer, Stu, because Hank has made zero progress on the screenplay. Stu stops by the house and it is there that he meets Marci and he wants her bad.  When Charlie finally meets with Stu to talk about Hank and the screenplay, Stu is much more laidback then earlier in the episode and he makes a sort of deal with the stocky bald man. Stu is going to take a shot at Marci and he hooks Charlie up with his assistant. This leads to a rather uncomfortable and only marginally funny scene. The woman is gorgeous, but her body cannot carry the scene alone and it just comes off as…..well creepy and weird. To be fair this is Charlie and he makes a habit of scenes like this so its not too out of place and doesn’t ruin the episode.  

The episode ends just as you predicated with Hank being forced to come clean and once again finding himself without a home. My heart breaks for Karen and Becca. How much more do they put up with before they just give up on our writer? With Hank finally starting to work on the adaptation, this leads one to believe that Hank not only causes these horrible situations but he also needs them. They are his muse. All great writers have one and it seems like chaos is Hanks. 


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