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Californication – Suicide Solution

Last week Hank had to deal with the fallout and this week Hank has to deal with himself. We find Mr. Moody crashing at Charlie and Cokeie smurfs house, while he is still on the outs with Karen and his daughter. This may be my favorite opening in the history of the show. The past two weeks they have been playing up the Hank and Charlie relationship, partly because he’s the only character that will go near Hank, and the interactions on the bed were great. It just leaves the question of why Marcie stays at the house at all if she doesn’t want to be with Charlie anymore.

While the Statutory rape charges are still out there Hank continues his new job adapting his book as a screen play. The funniest part of the episode is the discussion between out new dynamic duo and an eccentric movie start, played brilliantly by Rob Lowe. Lowe plays the Downey Jr/Collin Ferrell part well and the dark nature of the character is a nice change for Lowe. Hank obviously hates the guy because who doesn’t Hank hate. It doesn’t stop Hank from listening to the guy and giving the ok for Lowe to play Hank in the movie.


Hank’s relationship with Sasha continues to be weird. The starlet claims to get around and that she isn’t looking for anything serious yet she seems very comfortable with Hank. The punching scene comes off as a near miss. I get what they were trying to show but after the first hit it just became uncomfortable and while Hank gets the desired outcome I was left wanting more from the Hank and Sasha interactions and if it is going anywhere later we need some seeds planted.

While Hank is in the middle of continuing his downward spiral Charlie is trying to add some notches to the bedpost. His count was at 13 and next to Hank he shouldn’t have even tried. I think we have seen Hank sleep with at least 3 times that amount in the very few episodes of the show. Hnak tries to advise him against it and to try things again with Marcie but I think that ship has sailed. Last season the Charlie Marcie relationship became the most pronounced subplots and so far they have treated it as a done deal. I love those two together but I think this is the shows way of telling us that it isn’t going to happen. Charlie eventually does add a few more girls to the list and we can only assume that he used Hanks name and connection to get it. He doesn’t care and neither should we.

The end of the episode was left oddly ambiguous. Hanks life sucks there is no doubting that but we have always been shown a character that lets the world roll off of him. Hank finds some interesting inspiration in suicide and the letter he writers to his daughter is very touching. We know that deep down Hank is a good person but when looking at the evidence we have to wonder if everyone else’s life’s would be better. Over and over again we have seen that Becca is the only thing Hank always hold dear, his coming to terms with his negative influence on her life is hard for him and the fact that he can do it so clearly is startling. I think it’s safe to say that Hank will survive but the ending makes a decent episode into a great one.  



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