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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

It’s been an odd time for the Call of Duty series. With the original creators out of the picture from last years controversy the series has been in limbo.  The fans were split, and even we journalists found our selves upset with the giant known as Activision. However, the game has been played, and the hour of truth is here. It’s time to put bias to the side, and talk about how this game is.

The story starts out with the main character Alex Mason tied up in a room filled with all kinds of equipment and tools. A voice begins to interrogate him on his recent military career. It is not certain what the voice wants from Mason at first, but it acts as a guide through Mason’s memories. These memories being about 90% of the game’s story. The story its self is your classic Cold War conspiracy story, topped off with a fictional WMD called Nova 6. Besides this another interesting way to describe it would be Call of Duty meets Lost (without the time travel). Mason’s memories will take you all over to locations like Cuba, Vietnam, and even Soviet Russia. However Mason does hand the playable character chair to a couple of other people. This being said expect to be sling shot into World War 2 at some point for a short romp. As odd as it sounds it makes sense, but don’t worry the game explains everything by the end.

As extra bits go the game puts Nazi zombies aside for just normal zombies (though I’m sure most were American). However the loss of this fact is quickly made up for by the opening cinematic.  In it a secret meeting between JFK, Richard Nixon, former US secretary of defense Robert McNamara, and Fidel Castro is interrupted when zombies invade. If you don't want to play with the politicians, and with Nazis zombies, you can pick the alternative map which has up to four people thrown back in time to WW2 to fight against the fascist undead. Those familiar with World at War’s Zombie mode will feel right at home from here. The only noticeable difference this time being a healing station that you can use, if you have the points to spare that is.

Multiplayer has not changed much from how it was in Modern Warfare 2. All your favorite modes are back, and they have added a new mode in the form of “wager matches.” Wager matches being matches that put multiple people in different situations, and have them gamble for points based on how well they do. The points will be used to buy items in the game like guns and accessories.

As an fan of the Modern Warfare games I played this game hoping to find a flawed game. Something that I could point out, and say “this sucks.” However Treyarch has put out a great game. The single player is interesting and fun, and they added to the multiplayer without breaking it. It’s for this reason that I have to give credit where credit is due. 



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