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Call of Juarez Goes Modern

Ubisoft is taking the Call of Juarez franchise into the modern era with, Call of Juarez The Cartel.  Ubisoft released some details about the newest game in the franchise.   Adam Novickas, director of marketing at Ubisoft said, “Call of Juarez The Cartel is an action-packed shooter game with a strong story, interesting characters and a wide variety of gameplay options.”

In The Cartel you will take on a journey that will begin in Los Angeles, California to Juarez, Mexico.  Ubisoft also says that some of the best elements of the Wild West will be put into the modern era.  They are hoping to bring a gritty and relevant story to the game.  There is no word on whether there will be a correlation between Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood and The Cartel. 

This is a great move for the game.  In a world where every western game that comes out from here on out will be compared to Red Dead Redemption.  And taking a cue from Call of Duty and moving the franchise into the modern era could work.  I could only imagine that you will be hunting down drug cartels from Los Angles to Juarez.  We will have to wait and see because Call of Juarez The Cartel is due out this summer for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.  The game is also on the cover of the March issue of EGM if you would like more details. 

Source: Ubisoft


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