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Can You Wait For Spider-Man Edge Of Time

The same developers who brought us Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions bring Spidey and Spidey 2099 back for another go. In Spider-Man Edge of Time, the present day Spiderman must team up with his counterpart from the year 2099 to save the future, and to avert his own death in the present.  Players will be able to control both Spider-Men over the course of the game.

The debut trailer shown at E3 has a mix of gameplay and animated cutscenes.  We see Spiderman battling Anti-Venom, and apparently dying, yet this crisis is somehow averted by the intervention of Spiderman 2099.  The gameplay looks a lot like what these two characters were doing in Beenox's last Spider-Man game, but without those other two Spider-Men from the Ultimate Universe and the 1930's.  This is a promising direction for the developer; instead of cramming in even MORE Spider-Men, they're slimming down and trying to focus on just two of the most popular ones.  Sequels don't always have to be about "More".

We'll have more coverage as it surfaces in the months ahead.  It comes out for all consoles in November 2011, AND November 2099!


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