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Cancelled TV Shows That Should Get Their Own Comic Book Series

It is not a strange thing to see cancelled television shows continue in comic books. Two very successful television shows that had their stories continue through comics are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville. So, if Buffy and Smallville can have success in comics can other cancelled television shows do the same? Here are some cancelled shows that deserve to have their own comic books series:

Heroes (2006~2010)

Heroes had a very successful first season on NBC. It was a big hit and everyone loved that the show had to do with ordinary people who so happened to have super powers. But the show’s ratings started to go down hill after the writers strike. The show started to stray away from the main characters being ordinary people and concentrated more on the super power stories. They didn’t know if they were going to be picked up for a fifth season. So, they left the show on a cliffhanger without the show getting picked up. This series could easily be made into a comic book. It already had digital comics put into graphic novels. So, the show has seen a comic book format before. The cliffhanger for the show was that Claire reveals to world that she has the power to regenerate. So, the comic could very easily continue from this cliffhanger by the world reacting to these people having super powers. This show still has a lot of story potential that I would love to see continued.


Roswell (1999~2002)

Probably, not many people know about this show. It was short lived, and for its third season it got switched from the WB to the UPN (both channels merged to make the CW in 2006). The show knew it was going to get cancelled.  So, the show ended up having a satisfying ending, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have more story to tell. Max, Michael, Liz, Kyle, Maria, and Isabel were running away from the government because they found out Isabel, Max, Michael, and technically Liz were aliens. So, they were on the run. They left Roswell to start a new life, but Roswell was the only place they have ever known. So, it would have been fun to see how they would be able to adjust to a new place. There were also many questions that the show never answered. Would Isabel ever see her husband again? Would Kyle ever get powers because Max healed him? How long could they stay on the run? This could have been a very fun sci fi comic book to follow. But this show is very unlikely to ever get a comic book since it got cancelled a decade ago.


The Nine Lives of Chloe King (2011-2011)

The Nine Lives of Chloe King was another short-lived television show. It aired on ABC family during the summer of 2011. The show never got picked up for a second season. It was announced that the show would have a movie sometime in the future to tie up lose ends. This show ended on a lot of OMG moments. There were so many questions that the fans had that we wanted answered. I was very surprised that the show got cancelled after such an amazing season finale. The tv show did start off a little slow in the beginning, but towards the end it really picked up. There was so much potential that would fit perfectly in a comic book especially since this was a sci-fi show. There are many questions that can be answered if the show was continued in a comic. Is Brian, Jasmine, and Jasmine’s mother dead? Will Chloe’s mother find out Chloe is Mai? How will Alec react to having a brother who killed one of his best friends?

Are there any shows that have been cancelled that you would like to see continued in a comic book? Do you agree with my choices?  Tell us in the comments below.


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