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Can’t Wait for Dead Space 2? Try These Games

Dead Space 2 is due to be out before the end of the month, and fans of the original are more than ready to play as Isaac Clarke once more. If you can't wait to fight monsters and danger once more, but have already played through Dead Space one too many times, here are some games you'll enjoy. 

Resident Evil 5
Sure, it's more action oriented than it's predecessor, but Resident Evil 5 is still an incredibly polished third person shooter. That and the fact that I couldn't recommend the PC version of Resident Evil 4 in good conscience. It implements Capcom's latest graphics engine to great effect, and the co-op is is quite enjoyable. Besides, the bosses are huge, and you finally get to end the long-winded Umbrella plot line! How can you resist? 

With gunplay that even it's sequels couldn't match, F.E.A.R. proves once more that Monolith is one of the best action-horror developers out there. The combination of intense firefights and "The Ring' style of horror make a very unique game. The combat is the highlight here, with slow motion, advanced A.I., great weapons and physics, and roundhouse/slide kicks. It's definitely more action than horror, but there's no reason you shouldn't try this out, as you can buy it and the expansion packs on Steam for only $10. 

The Suffering 
In a time before Resident Evil 4, survival horror games were slower paced, with set cameras, tank controls, and plenty of puzzles. The Suffering didn't want to stick to this formula, so instead went with a more action oriented approach, but still had plenty of horror to spare.  It's slightly like Resident Evil 4, minus the revolutionary behind the shoulder perspective. It's still has decent gameplay, but the atmosphere is what sells it. If you can enjoy a horror game without modern standards, this is a good deal. 

Amnesia: The Dark Descent
There's something to say for action-horror games, but if you like Dead Space solely because of the atmosphere and horror, then Amnesia is a game to look into for sure. It's one of the scariest games ever made, with incredible sound design and atmosphere. There is no combat; running and hiding being your only defenses against the monsters in your area. If you can get over the combat-lite gameplay, there's an unforgettable experience here for Dead Space fans. 

Left 4 Dead 2
Going on the other side of the spectrum with mostly action and relatively little horror, Left 4 Dead 2 is the purest zombie killing game since I Made A Game With Zombies In It. The characters have plenty of personality, killing zombies is lots of fun, and Valve has supported it with tons of DLC, most of it being great, seeing as it's coming for free. It should be said that this is a game that should only be played in co-op, as the A.I. is competent, but overly health-pack happy. If you do have friends, though, it would be a good idea to try out some strategic dismemberment en masse in Left 4 Dead 2

So hopefully these games satisfy your taste for Dead Space 2, and if that isn't enough, remember that the demo is available for download to the public. We'll have a review for Dead Space 2 later this month. 


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