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Can’t Wait for Homefront? Try These Games

THQ's latest shooter Homefront comes out tomorrow, and while we're all waiting in anticipation of the "Second American Revolution", there are plenty of games to play to bide our time until release date. Homefront is a first person shooter that explores what would happen if North Korea occupated America, and the revolutionaries that would fight this occupation. Below, is a list of a few of such games that can keep you happy until Homefront is released.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 

Sure, the normal thing to do would be to put the latest Call of Duty on the list. However, while there is some Asian paranoia in Black OpsModern Warfare 2 has the United States actually being invaded by Russians! The multiplayer is quite similar to Homefront's, the gameplay is too, and the story hits some of the same beats as well. All of those similarities make Modern Warfare 2 easy to recommend to Homefront fans, if you don't already happen to own it (which, face it, you probably do). 

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Let's keep the Russian paranoia going with another FPS that sets up Russians as your enemies. The plot in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is not comparable to Homefront, but, like many shooters these days, many of the gameplay elements are similar. The multiplayer is akin to Homefront as well, with team-based objective action that allows you to pilot many vehicles. The singleplayer may not be as story-heavy, but the multiplayer and Russian supervillain are enough to recommend Bad Company 2 if you are looking forward to Homefront. 

World in Conflict
WHAT!? An RTS being comparable to a first-person shooter!? Well, remember it or not, the 2007 RTS titled World in Conflict was set during the Cold War, and hypothesized what would happen if the Soviet Union actually invaded America. The entire story revolves around this concept, and is done rather well. The actual gameplay is not similar to Homefront, but the story is enough to make World in Conflict worth it. The multiplayer will last you a while, and most people I talk to who are buying Homefront seem to only be buying it for the story, so World in Conflict is a worthy addition to your library. 

Hopefully, these three games can hold you over until Homefront is released. Homefront is coming out on March 15th, 2011, for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. 


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