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Capcom Releases First Dragon’s Dogma Online Trailer

Earlier this week Capcom announced Dragon's Dogma Online, a new free-to-play installment in this would-be fledgling RPG series for PC, PS4 and PS3. Now they've put out a trailer for it, and it's a pretty enticing one for fans of the original game.

The trailer shows off characters taking on various hulking monstrosities, much in the typical Dragon's Dogma style. Only this time, of course, all of these characters are presumably player-controlled instead of the AI companions you had to roam around with previously. According to Capcom you'll be able to team up with three other players and go off on adventures together, and the game's towns and gathering spaces will be able to support up to a mighty 100 simultaneous players.
Dragon's Dogma Online is scheduled to arrive in Japan later this year on, again, PC, PS4 and PS3. No word on any release in the West as of yet but there's probably a decent chance of one. Keep them fingers crossed!


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