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Capcom Responds To Death Threats Over Devil May Cry

Recently, Capcom, and by extension Ninja Theory, have been receiving death threats for the treatment of cult-classic character Dante in the new Devil May Cry game. By trailers, the game seems to be elevating the formula and taking it to sick new heights. The character design, however, can charitably be described as controversial. Dante's new look seems to be embracing hipster culture, or at least some sort of hipster sub-culture that sticks to darker shades of red.

The new, controversial design has apparently sparked a wave (one of those smaller waves, more like a splash, really) of death threats directed at Ninja Theory, the outside developer behind the DMC reboot. In a small, kind of beautiful moment, Christian Stevenson, the Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President of Capcom replied on the Capcom-Unity forums to the death threats.

"Death threats have no place in civilized society. Period."

Without fury, without giving the death threats justification, the reply was stated. Capcom, or rather a small voice echoing from its halls, decided to speak on the subject just long enough to dismiss the idea of giving a video game death threat creedence. Whether you're a fan of the new look for Dante or wish for nothing more than for the new Dante to put some meat on his bones, dignity and the campaign against wanton violence is something we can all get behind.

Except for Dante, of course. That dude is all about wanton violence.


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