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Capcom to Publish the Sour Patch Video Game

According to Sour Patch Marketing Director Sebastion Genesio, “Sour Patch is the #1 all sour candy brand in the U.S. but there is so much more to these iconic characters than just their sour exteriors and sweet interiors.”  To that end, the company have recruited video game giant Capcom to publish a game for the Xbox Live Arcade, which will put players into the role of “a lost piece of candy finding its way to its ultimate destination – the human stomach.”  I genuinely wish I was joking about this, but unfortunately it’s not April yet.

The press release goes on to describe the game, entitled World Gone Sour, as a platformer which will require “a combination of jumps, twists and puzzle-solving to negotiate and overcome larger than life obstacles” and pit the player against “unusual candy enemies”.  It will also feature a track by Grammy award-winning hip hop artist Method Man as part of the soundtrack, and narration by actor Creed Batton from the Office, all for just 400 Microsoft points.  The game could turn out to be quirky enough for low-level success, but at this stage the available screenshots simply leave a bad taste in my mouth.


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