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Captain America gets a new look for Marvel Now!

Captain America gets a new look for one of Marvel’s biggest events Marvel Now! Marvel’s editor Tom Brevoort talked to MTVGeek about Captain America’s new look and said,

There wasn’t a whole lot of back-and-forth, to be honest," Brevoort told MTV. "We started with Jerome, who’s got a strong relationship and partnership with the writer, Rick Remender, and whom we thought could deliver the kind of thing we were looking for. Jerome went away and did, I think, three rounds of design before we landed where we wanted to be. Then, when John signed on to do 'Uncanny Avengers,' especially having such a strong connection to Captain America, he asked if he could tweak the outfit a bit -- primarily restoring the chain mail feel to the torso, which was fine with us. I’m sure that when other artists draw the suit, there’ll be some individual modifications as well -- Joe Q mentioned that it was a bitch to draw when he was doing the Marvel NOW! promo image, so we figured that different guys would find ways to streamline it in different ways."

Take a look at the new sketches for Captain America’s new look. What do you think of Captain America’s new design? Tell us in the comments below: 






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