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Captain America’s Public Service Announcement

A Public Service announcement from the great Captain America is out now! While heroes battle super villains and protect us all from conquers that would seek to control the universe, what kind of a hero is Captain America or anyone else if they don’t stop the simplest things? In this PSA Captain America will be talking to the readers about suicide. A tragic thing that happens in our world today, Cap with the help of his friends will help prevent this from happening!

Captain America - A Little HelpMarvel is super stoked to release a comic about Captain America (Bucky Barnes) giving out a public service announcement. A Doctor named Tim Ursiny will write this PSA. Nick Dragotta who will be helping Tim illustrate the comic. The story is about a man on the verge of suicide has a chance to encounter the mighty Captain America this man may also be the Avengers only hope! The story is released in I Am An Avenger #5 of 5, and also in digital form called Captain America: A Little Help.

The digital comic is free for all and can be downloaded today on any digital device. Either using the Marvel Digital Comics area on computer or other comic’s apps that support Marvel. Captain America and the Avengers will and can stop suicide; with a little help we all can do something to save someone’s life. This is what Tom Brevoort had to say:

“Super heroes fight a lot of battles, but there are few more important than combating suicide. “That’s why we’re making Captain America: A Little Help available for free via our digital comics outlets. If even one person calls this number instead of doing something very tragic, we know that means we succeeded.”

So pick up I Am An Avenger #5 of 5 or Captain America: A Little Help – to support what Marvel is trying to accomplish. Preventing suicide!


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