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Captain Marvel #1 Review

Captain Marvel is a new series about Carol Danvers. Right now this is the only female solo series from Marvel. The last female solo series was X23, which got cancelled about a year ago.

The cover for this issue is not as impressive as the interior art. There were a lot of people that disliked Carol’s new hairstyle which was introduced from this cover; while I am not a big fan of her new style, it does work better in the issue than it does on the cover.

In her debut, Carol is debating on if she should call herself Captain Marvel or keep her old name, Ms. Marvel. A lot of her friends think it is time for her to take on Captain Marvel’s mantle, but Carol doesn’t know if she is ready to take on the name.

This is probably the best comic book I read this week. This was a great introduction to the series and Carol’s character. For people who have never seen Carol Danvers in a comic book they are not going to be lost because this series is a start of a new chapter for Carol.

In the beginning of this issue the story centers on the audience knowing that this is a female solo series. The villain of the story keeps talking about how Carol was a girl, which I did not have a problem with but I have a feeling that some people might get annoyed that the writer keeps pointing that out towards the beginning of this issue.

We get to see how Carol got her powers, but most importantly we see how flying is very important to her. Flying is part of her character, and it seems like this series is going to concentrate a lot on that side of her character. This is important because flying is the one thing that can’t really be concentrated on when we see her in the Avengers, but can be extremely concentrated on in her solo series.

The only major problem I had with this issue was that there were two women in this issue that looked exactly the same. So, you get a little confused on which woman Carol is talking about as her mentor.

The art was the best part about this issue. It is probably the best artwork I have ever seen in a comic book. I hope that we get the same style of art for the whole series. It seems like it fits more for cover art because you wouldn’t be able to believe that you can have such stunning art for each page of this amazing comic.

Pick this up not only for the great story, but also because of the stunning art. Even if you have never heard of Carol Danvers this is still an issue to pick up. You will not be lost, and this is a great jumping on point for her character. 



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