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Carbon Grey #2 – Review

Carbon Grey is a book that reminds me of the Metabarons, mostly by the epic fantasy style the art of this book produces. The book is set in a world war one, world war two mix with a sword fighting legendary fantasy. The Grey Sisters, are the guardians of the Kaiser the big ruler of the land. This was done by generations and usually the sisters were a trio, now this generation the sisters became a foursome two of them twins. One of the twins kills the kaiser and becomes independent of the sisters, she becomes a fugitive.

Now this is an advance review of issue # 2 in layman's terms: spoiler alert people! In this issue our red headed girl kills her mentor, is still on the run and ends up teaming up with two other fugitives: Elliot Peppers and Dina Cummings. Two of the sisters follow after Giselle (our red headed girl). At the end of the book the General comes looking for the Greys to find only Mathilde Grey seeking santuary with her highness. Her highness tells the general she has things to discuss with him.

Carbon Grey coverIts solid writing but it needs to be a bit more character driven and less epic driven. There is a lot going on and the reader might need a chance to catch up with the rules and backstory this fantasy world offers. For this, a supplemental material could work wonders for the book but sadly there is none. It borrows from all types of fantasy books but the feel of the book is Japanese, it is the essence of many fantasy mangas, animes or RPGs that have at any giving point cross our side of the market. Yet it reminds me of Final Fantasy III, it is that kind of world the people of Carbon Grey live in. So if you feel that you've seen this before you probably have. But don't worry it is an enjoyable read specially if you like these types of books. The action is good, the violence is gory, it has fun moments in fact the book offers a bit of everything.

As for the art. The art of the book is phenomenal. Is the kind of drawings you want to buy an original page because it should be treated with all the respects that it deserves. This is the type of art that makes you read the book twice one for the story and the other just to look at the drawings. The story telling is a bit off at times but not so much that makes you wonder what is going on here, besides the amount of detail in the art is enough to let this pass. The art alone could sell this book. This is an artist I want to see more of every month.

Image Comics is throwing high quality books out there, you might want to keep an eye on this book. Sure its a fantasy story like so many others so far but is not bad writing it just needs to find the right hook. As for the art if the high detail and beautiful painted art style could be consistanly delivered month after month the book has nothing to worry about. But once we see that it takes awhile to get this book out, then that is when the book might run into trouble. Go check this book out do not miss great art!

Overall Score - 8.5/10

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