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Careers I Want to See on TV

I love television, but sometimes it can get a bit repetitive. It seems like every major network has had a show about doctors, lawyers, cops, politicians, and writers. I think it’s time to mix things up with some new TV career options. Here are some of the top jobs I want to see depicted on TV.


One career that still has a lot of stories to tell is customer service jobs. There have been a few, like Superstore and 10 Items or Less, but I think there’s room for more, like a show about a coffee shop. I worked as a barista for a year and you would not believe the stories I have about the unique cast of characters that made up our regulars. I also think customer service jobs are a lot more relatable to mass audiences.

College Odd Jobs

In general it has always bugged me that there aren’t more shows set at universities. Most shows that take place in college are high school shows trying to grow up- they don’t actually start in college. I think there’s a lot of material there, especially with all the weird jobs college students take on. During college I worked at the campus library, cleaned houses, wrote for the campus paper and helped produce shows for the campus television station. Everyone I knew had a long list of jobs like this and it would make for an interesting and varied show.

Pit Orchestra

There have been shows about Broadway stars and about the orchestra, but I want to see the life of the pit orchestra. I’m a musical nerd and I need to know what’s going on down there. They make the show happen and yet they are never seen. I would even settle a show about how Broadway shows operate on a daily basis non-fiction or otherwise. The whole process is so fascinating to me.

High School Band

Maybe this is the same vein, and I know I'm being pretty liberal with the term 'career,' but to be fair high school students spend a lot of time in and out of school hours preparing for performances. It's basically a part time job. We had Glee, but the people playing instruments never got any credit. I'm ready for a show all about a high school marching band. They could even do summer band camp storylines as well as having elaborate halftime show performances. We’ve had shows about glee club, football players, and every high school subject in between. It’s time to show the band kids some love.

Museum Curator

When I was younger I loved visiting museums and I was always in awe of the exhibits. As I got older I realized people had to put all of these exhibits together. It would be interesting to see that process and I have a feeling people who work at museums have some stories to tell. From strange props to even stranger guests, I think there’s a lot to learn. Plus you could get some actual historical facts along the way. These are a few careers I want to see make their way to TV. Which ones would you want to see? (All GIFs via GIPHY)


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