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Carlton Cuse Talks A&E’s The Returned

b6o-_gsccaerb9 The French series Les Revenants (The Returned) was one of our favorite shows of 2013. The tale of the inhabitants of a small French town coping with the resurrection of a slew of their loved ones is an effective narrative with a haunting, atmospheric tone and flawless cast. It doesn’t take much to realize this is a “zombie” show like no other. It didn’t take long for American television execs to see the virtues of the property and adapt it for their audience. Now The Returned will be coming to A&E, an adaptation executive produced by Lost’s Carlton Cuse premiering on Monday, March 9 10 p.m. ET. Cuse spoke about the adaptation at the TCA press panel for the series explaining that this version (though its starting point and set of characters are virtually lifted from the French series) will eventually deviate from the original’s narrative,”“We felt like there was a way to take this show and over time make it something that was very distinctly our own. In the French show, there are some choices that are made in terms of what happens towards the end of the first season of the show. We don’t make those same choices, so it’s a fantastic premise and it’s a great idea. There’s a small fervent audience that watched the French show, but I think there is also a large audience that have not seen the French show that will really enjoy seeing the story unfold in English, with this set of actors, with a spin on it that over time becomes increasingly our own.”  


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