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Carnival Games is Coming to Xbox 360

2K Play has announced the next installment in the Carnival Games franchise, called Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do. This installment in the franchise will use the Kinect for Xbox. The game is being developed by 2K Cat Daddy Games, who are the original creators of Carnival Games. The game is being re-imagined to take full control of the Kinect hardware and will be out this April. The game will feature some of the original Carnival Games mini-games plus a number of new ones.

Some of the newer games that will be featured in the game are batting cages and Hot Air Balloon Race. Just like in the original Carnival Games, you will win prizes and will feature characters like Monkey Barker and The Amazing Wodin. The game will take advantage of the Kinect’s ability to use voice commands also. The franchise has sold an amazing seven million units worldwide in its short life span. With its reach into the Xbox 360, there is no telling how many units this franchise will be able to move.

It will be interesting to see what kind of mini games they develop to take advantage of the Kinect hardware. Will 2K Play port Monkey See, Monkey Do to the Playstation or to the Wii? I am sure they would have to change some of the games to take advantage of each systems hardware. Or I wonder if they are planning a PS3 Carnival Games that is completely different from Monkey See, Monkey Do? Only time will tell, expect Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do to come out in April for Xbox 360.


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