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Cartoon Network Cancels Two of their Best Shows?

As Cartoon Network outlined their 2013/2014 lineup earlier today, two notable shows were missing; Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which led people to ponder if the shows were cancelled or not. Both shows have now been confirmed cancelled and will air the rest of their seasons. No official reason has been given yet, but it could possibly be linked to their toys and other merchandise underperforming. Both shows were of very high quality and have loyal fan bases, which is a testament how good Young Justice is, since Cartoon Network aired the show about as sporadically as possible with multiple breaks lasting from one month all the way to over seven months between episodes sometimes with no warning.

Beware The Batman, a CG Batman show featuring a gun-wielding Alfred, and Teen Titans Go!, which is a comedy focused series following the team, are set to premiere later this year. With these cancellations, plus Thundercats being cancelled and Stars Wars: The Clone Wars switching channels because of the Disney acquisition, it appears that (good) action will be sparse on Cartoon Network in the near future.  


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