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Castle Crashers PS3 Release Date

When Castle Crashers hit the 360 it was an instant classic for its sense of humor and simple, yet fun, gameplay.  Even now it is still one of the highest rated downloadable games for the Xbox.  Once The Behemoth announced that they were working on a port for the Playstation, at 2009’s Comic Con, many people have been waiting anxiously for their chance to see what all the fuss is about. 

Well you’ll be happy to know that they finally announced a date, and it’s a lot closer than you think.  On August 31st you will be able to download Castle Crashers on the PSN with all of the content that came to the 360 after its launch, as well as a new volleyball mini-game. 

The Behemoth also said that from now till the day they release it there will be numerous contests and prizes.  As for whether these prizes will be codes to get the game, free DLC, when it comes out down the line, or something simple like a King action figure hasn’t been announced but seeing that its release is less than two weeks away make sure to keep an eye for details about the contests. 


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