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Castle Of Illusion Remake Hinted At For Summer

Sega have released a short trailer that looks to be hinting at a remake for their Mickey Mouse cult classic, Castle Of Illusion.

The trailer, which was released by the company today via YouTube, is only very short and features a dark and mystical castle as well the tagline, ‘Summer 2013.’

All signs are pointing to a possible 3D remake for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive release, especially as the trailer also features 3D versions of the toy solider minions and the collectable apple.

This is not the first time that a remake or re-release of this game has been mentioned. Last month, Castle Of Illusion was spotted on Brazilian and Australian ratings boards, with the PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, and Wii U all being suggested as platforms for the new title, although this has yet to be confirmed. 

Following the release of the Castle Of Illusion title in 1990, another three games were made as part of the Illusion series. Land Of Illusion, World Of Illusion and Legend Of Illusion were all released in the 1990s, with each one featuring the Disney favorite, Mickey.  

World...however also starred another beloved character from the Disney world: Donald Duck and was the only game of the series to feature co-operative play. No hints have been given, as of yet anyway, to suggest that any of these games will be involved in the up and coming remake set for this summer or as separate remakes in the future.

Does this news fill you with nostalgia? Would you be interested in purchasing a new and improved Castle Of Illusion? Or would you prefer a re-release of the classic game? As ever, let us know your thoughts down below.   


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