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Catastrophe Renewed for two More Seasons

Amazon's well-reviewed comedy, Catastrophe, has been renewed for not one but two more seasons by U.K. broadcaster Channel 4, picking up the show for its third and fourth seasons of the series. The series, which airs first in the UK and later in the US via Amazon Prime, does not yet have a US anticipated air date, as the streaming service has not announced whether they will be streaming any future seasons. The series is written by and stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney. The third season will go into production in November and will premiere in the U.K. sometime next year. catastrophe-season-2-trailer The first two seasons have been well-received by both critics and viewers. Our own Jean Henegan even put it on her list of top ten shows of 2015. Even though the series is described as a romantic comedy, it isn’t what viewers would expect from this type of show. Phil Clark, the head of Comedy at Channel 4 described the show as, “a brave, razor-edged, excruciatingly honest and painfully funny portrayal of modern, long-term relationship,” according to Variety. The first two seasons of Catastrophe can now be found streaming on Amazon Prime.


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