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Catherine Coming to North America

Atlus, developers of such hits as Persona 4, Persona 3, and Devil Summoner, has finally unveiled that their newest title, Catherine, will be released in North America. It was fairly inevitable that the game would come to NA but that doesn’t make this announcement any less sweet for us Atlus lovers out there. Catherine has been released in Japan for only a few weeks.

In Catherine, your main gameplay mechanic is pushing blocks to solve various puzzles. While that does sound rather uninteresting, I’m sure Atlus can flip that idea on its head and make Catherine into one of the best games released this year.  Persona 3 and Persona 4 were some of my most favorite games of all time so you can bet your ass I’m buying Catherine day one. It looks batshit insane, and I love every second I see of it.

You and I both will be able to hold the madness that is Catherine in our hands when it comes to North America on July 26th.

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