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Catherine Demo Hits Xbox Live July 12th

Those lucky Japanese!  They've been playing the weird, "Erotic" puzzle game Catherine for months now, but the rest of us still have to wait until the end of July to try it out.  However we will be able to get a taste of this creepy dating sim next week when the demo hits Xbox Live and PSN. Aside from announcing the demo, the game's publisher Atlus has also released a bunch of new screenshots.

As Vincent, the game's protagonist, you'll explore nightmares"
The Collector's Edition of the game actually comes with a pair of these underpants:

Catherine is only recommended for mature players due to scenes like this: 

Yes, we're ALL jealous...

Catherine releases in North America on July 26 for Xbox and PlayStation 3.  There is a limited "Love Is Over" Deluxe Edition available for eighty dollars (I was serious about the underpants), and pre-ordering either edition of the game will nab you a copy of the soundtrack and an art book.  Check back with us next week for our impressions of the demo, along with our full review after it launches.


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